Table of Contents
The Fibromyalgia Relief Book
by Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

Foreword by Mary Anne Saathoff, R.N., B.S.N.

Introduction: Fibromyalgia and the Quality of Your Life

1.  Take the Pain Out of Household Activities: Cleaning / Cooking and After-Meal Cleanup / Shopping for Food / Laundry and Sewing / Home Modifications

2.  Maximize Moments of Pleasure: Gardening / Entertaining / The Holidays need Not Be a Pain

3.  Strategies at Work: Accommodations on the Job / Sitting for Your Living / Repetitive Strain Injury / Working Out at Work

4.  Going Places with Fibromyalgia: Airports and Airplanes / Time Zone Changes and Jet Lag / Traveling by Car / Visiting / Walking

5.  To Sleep, Perchance to Dream: Sleep Disrupters / Preparations That Promote Sleep / Sleep Hygiene / Don't Just Lie There / Wakening Too Often or Too Early

6.  Committed Relationships: Emotional Strains / Sexual Intimacy / Dialogue / Meeting Each Other's Needs

7.  Mind and Body: Mental Responses to pain / Mood and Stress / Cognitive Problems / Energy Conservation

8.  Fight Back with Good Nutrition: You Are What You Eat / Vitamin Supplements / Mineral Supplements / Amino Acids / Yeast Overgrowth: Is There a Connection? / Your Responsibilities and Risks

9.  Exercise to Combat Depression and Pain: The Benefits of Exercise / The Role of Posture in Musculoskeletal Pain

10.  Standing Up for Yourself: Learn Everything You Can / Build Your Support System / Assemble Your Medical Team / Try Various Approaches / Raise Fibromyalgia Awareness in Your Community




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