Blood Sugar Blues

Overcoming the Hidden Dangers of Insulin Resistance

by Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

Here's an early reviewer's comment on the book:

Miryam's book is like a guided tour holding hands with a good friend.

To be convinced your healthspan can be vastly enhanced by simple diet changes, read Part I: NUTRITION AND METABOLISM. 

To discover conditions and illnesses improved or cured by eating whole foods and fewer refined carbohydrates, read Part II: DISEASES AND DISORDERS RELATED TO INSULIN RESISTANCE. 

For how to do it, with detailed reviews of the most popular lowcarb diets, menu plans, recipes, and even where to purchase products, skip straight to Part III: LIFESTYLE CHANGES THAT COMBAT INSULIN RESISTANCE. 

This book has it all, and it's all scientific, cutting edge, and the best of common sense.

A.J. Willmore, Nurse and Cholesterol Diet Counselor, Administrator and Listowner, St. John's University Low-Carbohydrate Technical Discussion

Table of Contents

Foreword by R. Paul St. Amand, M.D.


Conditions Associated with Insulin Resistance
Part I. Nutrition and Metabolism     

    I. Is What You Eat Making You Sick? 
How Insulin Resistant Are You?    

Part II. Diseases and Disorders Related to Insulin Resistance    

    2. Obesity    

    3. Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, and
        High Blood Fats    
        High Cholesterol

    4. Glucose Intolerance and Hypoglycemia    

    5. Diabetes    
        Gestational Diabetes    
        Type 2 Diabetes    
    6. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome    

    7. Candidiasis    
    8. Digestive Disturbances
        Heartburn and GERD
        Celiac Disease (Nontropical Sprue) and Irritable Bowel
        Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

    9. Autoimmune Diseases

  10. Cancer
        Prostate Cancer
        Breast Cancer
        Colorectal Cancer

  11. Other Conditions

Part III. Lifestyle Changes that Combat Insulin Resistance

   12. Getting Started with Low-Carb Eating and Exercise
          What to Expect
          Easing Your Way into the Low-Carb Lifestyle
        The Glycemic Index of Foods
          Substitutes for Sugar
          Promoting Insulin Sensitivity through Exercise
           Carbohydrates You Can Eat
  13. Ketosis, and Other Myths about Low-Carbohydrate Eating
        Gout, Kidney Stones, and Kidney Damage
        Bone Loss
        Dietary Fats
        Depression, Chronic Anger, and other Mood Disorders

  14. Hidden Triggers of Insulin Resistance
        Medications and Supplements

  15. Choosing a Low-Carbohydrate Eating Plan
        Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution
        The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet
        Protein Power
        Life Without Bread

  16. Miryam’s Sample Menus and Recipes

Appendix 1. How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label

Appendix 2. Aids to Record Keeping
    Daily Weigh-In Chart
    The Food Diary

Appendix 3. Resources
    Diets and Diet Books
    General Information Web Sites
    Internet Mailing Lists and Archives
    Internet News Groups




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