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(byline before September, 1996 was Mickey Williamson)
For Richer, For Poorer (on strategic planning), CIO, July 1, 1997

The Pull of Push (push technology on the Web), WebBusiness (formerly WebMaster), July 1, 1997

Special Section on Component-Based Development, CIO, March 1, 1997 with links to supporting articles

Books and Book-Length Research Reports 

by Miryam Williamson

* The Fibromyalgia Relief Book, Walker & Co., to be published September, 1998.

Fibromyalgia: A Comprehensive Approach, Walker & Co., 1996.

Application Development Tools from A to Z: Technical Features and Benefits. Monash Information Services, 1995.

CASE Tools Hands-On, Cutter Information Corporation, 1992.

Software Configuration Management and Version Control: Issues, Technology, and Tools. Cutter Information Corporation, (two editions: 1991 and 1993.)

Imaging: Concepts and Implementations, Seybold Group, 1990

Executive Support Systems: Concepts, Tools, Techniques. Seybold Group, 1989.

* Artificial Intelligence for Microcomputers: The Guide for Business Decision Makers, Brady/Simon&Schuster, 1986.

The Public Manager's Phone Book (On telecommunications for municipalities, ghost-written.) Artech House, 1984.

Ink Jet Technology: A Technical Report. Datek Information Service, 1983.

* Starred items are regular publishing industry trade books, sold in book stores. The others are high-priced, short-shelf-life technical reports on advanced technologies. 

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